Who or what are you?

The people who are most likely to notice (what they really are), happen to be the folks who can also notice things do not make a whole lot of sense.

I am not going to list who you are, you already knew this from your earliest experiences, lots of things just didn’t make sense and the habit of pretending and the character moulding began based on the easiest way to make do in your assumed and particular situation.

Unfortunately for many folks the habits or cycling energies many people find themselves in, they have long  since out grown, they now, no longer feel to pretend to play along in these games.

The plain facts are, you don’t have to and really (what you are) has not been affected by any of the story your tool the mind has recorded, you are fully aware how slanted a tale the mind tells. That is why you can simply be free now, you know well beyond the mind what is true, we all do, cause that underlying knowing is what we all are.

I don’t want you to agree with me, have a look for yourself. Every thought arises and falls in what you are. If you exist this is your truth you’ve always known but may not of known how to admit this due to the minds misunderstanding of things.

Acknowledging the (unconditional love we already are) changes the energies of things, your mind is a powerful energy and it does already enjoy the space this seeing opens up, I know our pureness has always been here, keep noticing it with the senses or energies appearing.


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