Hello thoughts!

This initial post is a greeting to anyone who happens upon this short writing. The title of the post is the primary point here tonight to acknowledge (thoughts are a type of energy) which occurs in you, similar but not  as commonly as the ever shifting movements of newly arriving and exiting liquids and air.

Sometimes we take these energies to seriously and they somehow appear to take over, which creates another illusion which is kind of an unnecessary add-on really. So I bid you to say hello to your thoughts and see them relax with this acknowledgement, which seems to settle the pace of the liquids and air as well.  The mind for many folks is an over used or revved up tool, comparable to carrying around a months supply of camping provisions to go to your local park for a picnic. Let’s not rush things, you can w-i-d-e-n out your already perfect freedom by simply (noticing your own existence) the rest happens naturally.


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